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Who is she?

Carlota de Miguel is the founder and soul behind StudioCarlota Ltd.
As a top-level professional piano and singing performer, Carlota has developed a successful and recognized international music career.

Highly qualified

Carlota holds a BA (Hons.) Bachelor of Music and Performance, a MMus Master of Music and Performance and an Artist Diploma, from Trintiy Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance (London, UK), where she’s worked with some of the greatest masters such as Mikhail Kazakevich, Pascal Rogé or Gabrielle Baldocci. She has also followed specific courses with recognized experts in fields such as on-stage techniques and performing anxiety. She is currently completing her PhD in Music.

A successful international career

Through her career she has received multiple awards and distinctions.
She has performed internationally with Symphony Orchestras and recorded demanding concerts.
She has also regularly performed at prestigious venues for the British Parliament or the UK Liberal Party.

Pianist, singer, musical conductor and composer

Beyond classical piano, Carlota is also a professional soprano singer, conducts choirs and acts as Music Conductor for a number of Musicals. She also composes and performs Contemporary Music across a variety of styles.

A great teacher

Carlota has extensive teaching experience:

• Multiple public and private schools in London, UK.
• Providing top-level online classes and developing learning paths for clients internationally (UK, Spain, France, USA, Australia…)
• Recognized for her personal engagement with every student and for the quality and creativity in the production of the online courses, using top-level technical equipment for truly engaging sessions.

She is devoted to sharing her passion and talent, with a special sensitivity and care put around the impact that music can make in terms of personal development, wellbeing and the underlying values behind music.

Our values

We believe in the transformative power of music. Music is part of our lives. And it goes well beyond “just” playing notes: it’s our companion during hard or good times, it connects us, it’s about acquiring and embracing values that will resonate through life’s moments in all circumstances.

Today’s world and societies are often characterized by fast changing trends, individualism, competitiveness, the need to portray a certain image of ourselves, uncertainties…

Through music, beyond the satisfaction of learning how to play or sing, you can experience an enriching (and fun!) journey while acquiring relevant values and working on your personal development and wellbeing.

We strongly believe in the importance of patience and preparation, the care for delivering with excellence, the capacity to adapt and improvise, the importance of listening and being listened to, the skill of coordinating with others, the ability to to confidently engage with the public… While having a wonderful mean to express and convey your emotions.

Whether your goal is to learn at your own pace as a hobby in an enjoyable way… to become a “pro” in the future… or simply to benefit from what music can bring you on a daily basis, Carlota will put her experience and enthusiasm in a tailored manner that serves your objective.

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Something unique for a special occasion


  • Weddings and anniversaries: live performances, composing your unique special songs, professional recordings for lifetime memories.


  • Offer something different, meaningful and truly special to your loved ones.
  • Ideal for birthdays, First Holy Communions, end of school terms…

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