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For all levels and ages, from kids to adults, you can benefit from a personalized and unique learning experience covering all music styles.

We have a fantastic track record with more than 100 students over the past years from all over the world: from the UK to Spain, France, China, U.S.A. or Australia.

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What would you like to learn ?

Singing and vocal studies

Music theory, sight reading, aural skills

Composition and songwriting

Improvisation techniques

Music theory, sight reading, aural skills GROUP SESSIONS

Coaching for TV castings and auditions

What can I expect? Why is it special?

• A personalized engagement with each student: we will design a specific program for you to meet your personal goals and objectives, with realistic and achievable steps. We will also adapt to your preferences and tastes in terms of music styles.
• We deliver the lessons both in English and Spanish. You can also learn music while practicing a foreign language!
• Assured attention to motivation, communication and overall enjoyment of the journey. We also put a special focus on the relevant underlying values behind music for personal development and well-being.
• Delivered by an experienced performer and certified teacher under multiple international standards.
Obtain relevant certifications, like ABRSM, Trinity Rock & Pop and others: we have a 100% success rate in passing such certifications. There is even a clear business case associated with it, in particular for families with kids and teens in school age.
Flexible and competitive packages tailored to your schedule and availability.

What else will I get?

• The convenience of online sessions without compromising quality, employing top-level resources for a truly interactive engagement.
• Free personalized materials such as annotated sheet music, workbooks and learning methods.
• Personalized weekly planning and progress reports.
• 15 minutes per week free support and advice between lessons.
You will be able to learn your preferred on-demand pieces and songs.
• The option for a free trial session to assess your level and align on your goals. Please visit our the contact page.
• A signed contract confirming our commitment to the delivery of our services.

Why online?

Many clients today prefer online for music learning. If done well, it provides the right experience and the convenience in terms of agenda flexibility.

At StudioCarlota, we have a recognized track-record over the past 10 years, providing top quality online lessons, even for beginners. Some of our students even managed to obtain 2 ABRSM grades in parallel in a single period!

What do you need?

You will only need a tablet with a good speaker (and the keyboard if you choose piano).

What do we provide?

Top-notch technical equipment: 4k cameras, professional grade microphones….
And a careful set-up allowing to provide different angles even in parallel (from the top, front, keyboard, fingers…), the ability to share sheet music in parallel…

And as important if not more…
• Experience and personality from the teacher.
• Understanding the needs, level, tastes, pace.
• Being engaging and motivating. 
• Focusing on aspects beyond “simply” learning how to play notes, sing or read music. 

Working on values such as patience, perseverance, finding a vehicle for conveying emotions…

Music qualifications and certificates

What are they?

You are probably familiar with foreign language certifications, such as Cambridge, TOEFL and others. Similarly, in music, there are several internationally recognized qualifications, such as ABRSM or Trinity, Trinity Rock & Pop

Why get a music qualification?

  •  Helps in structuring a path with clear steps and goals.
  • Provides a sense of achievement for every milestone completed.
    Internationally recognized qualifications open the door to easily accessing the best schools (primary and secondary education, colleges, universities and conservatoires).
  • Such qualifications also have a clear financial business case, where the investment in music lessons is quickly amortized and has a clear return:
    They allow in most cases for up to full scholarships and grants, covering the tuition cost.
    As an example, for a typical secondary school in the UK, an investment of € 5,000 in music lessons for obtaining ABRSM grade 5 can lead to more than € 50,000 in savings over the duration of the studies.
  • They also unlock free benefits offered by schools, such as free instrumental lessons, access to competitions, recognitions and more.

What is our track record?

  • With more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of students trained, we are proud of our 100% success rate in the obtention of ABRSM, Trinity and other qualifications!
  • We understand the curriculum and master the tests for each grade. Hence, we are able to work on a fit for the purpose preparation program.
  • With our support and proven methodology, some of our students were even able to achieve 2 grades per year.
  • At StudioCarlota we also prepare our students for both singing and piano, which is typically preferred by those willing to maximize their chances of accessing top schools and scholarships.

What is the right qualification for me?

At StudioCarlota we can support you in understanding the main differences and selecting the qualification that is best suited for you depending on different factors. While all qualifications are top-quality, they may be best suited to you depending on your own personal interests, either in terms of objectives or music tastes.

  • All these programs include making progress through 8 grades, each grade having a dedicated exam to be passed.
  • ABRSM is frequently chosen by parents with an interest in their kids accessing top private schools and obtaining scholarships and other benefits.
    • ABRSM’s syllabus can be more comprehensive and includes compulsory topics beyond instrument or singing from grade 1, such as sight reading. It also covers most music styles in each grade, from classical to jazz or modern.
  • Trinity qualifications are sometimes chosen by those having different interests around music, either in terms of personal objectives or music styles.
  • Trinity is sometimes perceived as being more flexible, since they offer differentiated programs around different music styles: Trinity College (classical), Trinity Pop & Rock, Musical Theatre etc. Thus this qualification is frequently preferred by those willing to focus on a particular genre or style.


Many students -especially beginners- learning either piano or singing frequently lack some fundamentals, in subjects such as:

  • Basic music theory
  • Aural skills
  • Sight reading


These topics are sometimes perceived as tedious, time-consuming or even expensive, whereas playing piano or singing provides more immediate satisfaction. However, such basics are key for making good progress and enjoying music.

In such cases, StudioCarlota proposes a specifically designed package:

  • Ideal for beginners willing to benefit from the fun dynamics of group lessons in interactive virtual workshops, where you can also learn, get inspired and elevated by the group!
  • Highly competitive at a marginal cost, for only 10 € per session in groups of 4-6 students.


Do you dream of performing in a TV show such as Got Talent, X Factor… But you are not a profesional?
Maximize your chances of succeeding through the screening process and different phases!
There are many hints, tips and tricks that form which you can benefit!


Carlota has direct first-hand experience in a number of castings and auditions. She has even participated in Got Talent herself! She is also Music Director for Musicals in London, with direct experience around stage performing. She can support you with personalized coaching through the journey in different ways.

What should I expect?

  • Customized sessions aligned with your style and level, designed with the casting process in mind!
  • Advice on selecting the right song, style or type of performance best suited to your personal taste and level.
  • Get you prepared and trained for the castings: improve your technique and get to the right level with coaching from a professional performer with 1st-hand experience in castings and auditions
  • Performing techniques: Singing (various styles), piano, classical or contemporary (various styles).
  • Stage techniques: How to deal with stage fright or anxiety.
  • Understand the dynamics of the castings and screening process.
  • What is the jury expecting and looking for through the different phases.
  • What are the typical pitfalls and mistakes to be avoided.


What else will I get?

  • Training materials.
  • Suggestions for best songs or pieces best adapted to your style and type of TV contest.
  • The option for a free trial session to assess your level and align on your goals. Please visit our the contact page.
  • Role play sessions with Carlota as a jury.

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