Advanced support for musicians

Coaching, mentoring and professional services

Whether you are a music student or an established musician, you may have very specific needs in which StudioCarlota can support you.

A career in music is highly competitive, we face constant pressures, we’re always exposed to others’ judgment despite our continuous efforts, we are frequently alone while preparing for auditions, exams, access to conservatoires, venues… we face stage fright and anxiety in front of a jury or a public…

Musicians in their early career stages frequently lack advice in terms of career options. Conservatoires get us prepared technically but not always in terms of a career or even a life project!

Music is also about teamwork and we frequently need either a backing track, an accompanying pianist or other sorts of collaborations in our projects.

How can StudioCarlota support you?

Coaching & mentoring

• Preparation of exams and auditions on specific pieces or full repertoire.
• Preparation for Civil Service examinations.
• Techniques to deal with stage fright and anxiety in front of a jury or a public.

Professional piano support

• For your rehearsals, exams, auditions or performances.
• Piano backing tracks.
• Accompanying pianist services.

Studying abroad

• Preparation of entrance tests for Master grades or other music programs.
• Step-by-step guidance and support to foreign students applying to conservatoires in the UK,
• Commonwealth and USA: administrative process, UCAS process (University and Colleges Admissions Service), grants and scholarships, student loans, housing and life in the UK… and more…

Guidance on professional career options

• How to build your brand, how to position yourself.
• How to leverage agents, how to find them, what you should look out for…
• How to best promote your music and career in social media and music platforms.

Why is this special?

We know what it takes…
We will share our first-hand experience through all the phases of a successful international career.

At StudioCarlota we’ve managed to successfully achieve admissions to the best conservatoires internationally, securing grants and scholarships from different institutions.

Music is our life, we provide professional support and collaborate with recognized musicians on a daily basis.

We’ve gone through the process of thinking out of the box for an exciting career in music with a business mindset.

You will benefit from a personalized support, designed to fit your objectives.

The convenience and flexibility of online sessions without compromising quality, employing top-level resources for an interactive engagement.

Want to know more?

Let us know about you and what you’re interested in.

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