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Music applied to business

Discover how professional music techniques and methodologies can make an impact on your teams and business!

Most businesses and organizations today face challenges related to remote work, dispersed teams, working in siloes, delivering complex projects or attracting and retaining talent.

StudioCarlota has partnered with recognized business consultants to design and deliver a unique offering.

Inspirational sessions and workshops

Professional music is an extremely competitive and demanding environment.
Believe it or not, many of the techniques and methodologies used by top-level professional musicians can be directly extrapolated to a business context.

Over the course of a 1 to 2 hour workshop, we will cover the main phases of most typical corporate projects, through topics such as:

• The relevance of training and continuous development.
• What it takes to prepare for complex projects, from the sales and origination phase to the delivery phase.
• How to set-up and manage the right teams.
• The importance of listening and being listened.
• The excellence in the delivery of the projects in environments that allow for virtually no margin for errors.
• The importance of soft factors such as self-motivation, creativity, stress management, facing the public and the critics, the basics of improvisation in face of unexpected changes and uncertainties…

Why is it special?

• Strong credentials: we’ve done it with some of the most demanding international companies, with outstanding feedbacks.
• The content and materials can be customized to the specific needs and characteristics of your teams and businesses.
• The use of case-studies that will resonate and illustrate the different topics covered.
• Truly engaging sessions, providing a fresh and different perspective for an overall enjoyable experience.
• Collaboration with experienced professional business consultants.
• We will provide all the necessary technical equipment, including the possibility of professional recordings of the sessions.
• Suited for both junior, senior and leadership audiences.
• Face-to-face, online or hybrid.
• Delivered in English or Spanish.
• Highly competitive fees.

Selected credentials

Accenture is the largest consulting firm worldwide and one of the best performing -and most demanding- organizations. StudioCarlota was honoured to provide an inspirational session to a selected group of Accenture directors and executives with great feedback from the audience.

“Carlota performed an inspirational workshop for a team of executives. I would strongly recommend it. The level of interaction and engagement amongst the audience was so high that we even had to extend the session.”

Managing Director

“We are glad that the workshop with StudioCarlota was a success. We will count on her again in the future.”

Corporate Events Manager

With over 1000 members and more than 200 associated companies the Official Association of Engineers of Navarre is one of the largest and most dynamic professional engineering associations. StudioCarlota delivered a customized inspirational session in which she covered how the techniques and methodologies from professional musicians apply to the management of complex project within corporate environments.

Music services for corporate events

Are you planning a corporate event? Would you like to enrich it with an unforgettable musical performance?
Reach out for top-level piano or singing performances (event closure, dinner, after work…) in all music styles.

Employee engagement programs

In the competition for talent in today’s workplace, StudioCarlota can be your partner in designing and delivering custom-made employee engagement activities and programs.

We put a strong focus on well-being and the underlying values behind music, which will certainly foster engagement and retention.

• Online music learning (singing, piano, music culture…) for employees and families.
• Corporate choirs: we are experienced in setting-up and conducting choirs -even for beginners- that also target employee interaction and teamwork.
• Design, compose, perform and professionally record your team or corporate song!
• And more… just ask!

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